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Amenities to Look For in Student Living in Provo

By January 31, 2022No Comments

Living off campus comes with many perks! Not only do you have more privacy and freedom but you also get your pick of amazing amenities. College takes a lot of hard work so it’s important to live somewhere comfortable where you can relax between studying. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the most desired amenities for student living in Provo.

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Swimming pools are perfect for cooling off in the hot summer sun. Most off-campus student apartments in Provo provide a large resort style swimming pool for their residents. A hot tub is a great place to steam off with your friends. Hot tubs are especially nice to warm up in during the frigid winter time.


Clubhouses make for a good gathering place for residents and their friends. Depending on the apartment complex, clubhouses may include a kitchen, tv, game area, or snacks/drinks. Be sure to take a tour of the clubhouse so that you can see what features it has to offer.

Study Room

In order to succeed in their courses, college students need an effective study environment. Much of the student living in Provo recognize this need and have provided quiet study rooms for their residents. These study rooms might include a computer, desks, comfortable chairs, and high-speed internet. Check for these bonus features in your search for an apartment.

Fitness Center

Student apartments in Provo want to support a healthy lifestyle for their residents. For this reason, many have included a fitness center as an amenity for their residents. When touring the fitness center, make sure to check out the equipment it offers as well as the hours it’s open. 

Sports Court

Playing sports is a very popular way for students to have fun and relax with their friends. Off-campus student housing supports a variety of sports. From basketball, pickleball, to volleyball, take your pick. Find an apartment that supports the sport you love to play!


Parking is often a struggle in a college town. Check if the apartment complex has assigned or unassigned parking spots. Assigned parking will guarantee you a parking spot. If you’re worried about snow or ice on your car, consider looking for student housing with underground or covered parking. Parking may be a separate fee or free for residents so be sure to ask before moving in. 

These are just some of the amenities to consider when you move into student apartments in Provo. Find the amenities you want so that you can enjoy your college years!

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